Buoyancy Swimsuits for boys:

 2 => up to 12 kg
 3=> more than 12 to 14 kg
 4=> more than 14 to 16 kg
 5=> more than 16 to 18 kg
 6=> more than 18 to 21 kg
 7=> more than 21 to 23 kg

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Buoyancy Swimsuits.

What is a buoyancy swimsuit?
The Archimede buoyancy swimming costume is a pretty alternative to arm floats. It allows the child to enjoy the water. That’s because he feels supported and safe. The buoyancy swimming costume will quickly help him to learn swim. The position of the floats across his chest allows the young swimmer to adapt the ideal position in the water. His movements are free and not disturbed by arm floats.
By understanding that he changes his balance when he moves his legs, the child enjoys the ease in the water by wearing his ARCHIMEDE buoyancy swimsuit.
How it works:
At the beginning of the “exercises” all 8 floats are inserted the bathing suit. When the child learned the fundamental basics of “how to swim” and gets more and more safe in “swimming”, one float after another can be taken of the swimsuit. At the sucessful end, no floats will be needed anymore and the child has learned in an easy way, how to swim!

the buoyancy swimsuit is not a life jacket It will not protect against drowning!

The actual collection:


 A particularly classical model is the 'Pirate' with distinct shapes and colours.
 Special clou:
 the white strip inserted along the sides starring the Archimede brand writing. The combination of materials: 80 % Polyamide, 20 % Elasthane/ Lycra. Available in dark blue - red ('Red Pirate'), dark blue - light blue ('Blue Pirate'), red - dark blue ('Lucky Pirate').
 Order No. AR305 (Red Pirat), AR306 (Blue pirat), AR307 (Lucky Pirat)

 The classic:
 This model radiates in fresh, maritime colours.
'Blue & White Boy' captivates with its clear stripy design. Material: 83% Polyamide, 17% Elasthane/ Lycra. Art.nr.AR705

 This model will inspire all
 those who feel as
 comfortable as a fish in

During childhood, the foundation for healthy skin is laid and therefore it is particularly important to protect the skin of small children from UV rays as best as possible.
Sunscreen® UV-Protecting-Swimsuits have been developed in close co-operation with dermatologists. The high-tech material gives a good UV-protection (SPF >30) in every condition:
dry, wet, stretched, washed ...
The UV-Protecting-Swimsuits all have a zip at the back to ease getting in and out of them while the Archimede Logo features across the chest.

The model 'Deep Sea' keeps to gentle shades of blue with the Archimede Logo on the chest. A zip at the back eases getting in and out.
Material: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elasthane. Art.nr.AR313

 the water when swimming. Colours of sunshine yellow
 and deep sea blue are perfectly complimented by
 bright coloured tropical fish. This one is a real stunner!
 Material: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elasthane
 Order No :.AR3304

 A very interesting composition of colours is the
 characteristic of the swimsuit NEON: light green
 combined with dark grey. Particularly at this model is
 the increased chlorine water resistance and particularly
 high elasticity .
 Material: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elasthane/ Lycra.

Sunscreen® UV-Protecting-Swimsuits


Velvety shine, fresh colour: The sporty model 'Frogman Sunset' comes in strong colours and is highly visible AND easy on the eye - at the beach or in the swimming pool...
With a zip at the back and the Archimede Logo on the chest.
Material: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elasthane.
High UV-Protection: UV 40 / SPF 40
Art.nr. AR2201

 Another classic:
 This model radiates in blue an white and is famous for
 its high portion on cotton: 'Maritim'.
 Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Elasthane/Lycra.

 this model captivates
 by clear green and

 Material: 80% Polyamide, 20%
 Order No :.AR3303